Worksheets are an effective tool in our ongoing efforts for encouraging students to engage their brains during class. Worksheets used in class can also help direct students' learning out-of-class. The following list, gives examples of goals that can be addressed by using worksheets.

  • Helping students focus on an underlying big picture for every concept or topic
  • Bridging the gap between watching and doing
  • Focusing students attention in class
  • Delivering and/or summarizing content efficiently
  • Encouraging students to communicate their ideas
  • Teaching students how to learn from their textbooks
  • Connecting new material to previously-covered material

General Worksheets

General Worksheets are sub-topic level, subject specific and curriculum specific. They are predominantly in formats like – multiple choice, true/false, /fill-in-the-blanks, etc. and are automatically graded and can be printed. At the end of each worksheet a summary and detailed reports are provided. These worksheets reinforce subject knowledge and act as individual assessments and study material. Each of these worksheets accrues loyalty points - PP Power Points rewards that can be redeemed for gifts. These worksheets are good practice for tests and induce confidence and class level learning material for students.

Short Answer Questions

Short Answer Questions are sub-topic level, subject specific and curriculum specific. They are not gradable however, can be printed. Teachers can utilize this resource as a questions database to prepare tests. Short Answer worksheets help student with appropriate writing skills.

Teach Learn web Worksheets

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